You Can’t Trust Music Chapter 1

Kurt Newman wrote so beautifully about my new record. Its really a dream come true to have someone so thoughtfully and so eloquently write about this work. Here he is meditating on the idea of the auditory uncanny. Its tucked in with some other incredible music and insightful writing over at e-flux. Check it out


Silver Venus (Redux) Rides Again!

Andrea Spaziani and I have made a remote adaptation of Silver Venus, a dance made in 2017-2018 while Andy was Artist In Residence at Dancemakers here in Toronto. Despite the Rona’s derailment of our remount plans at OFFTA in Montreal, Silver Venus (Redux) rides again!.
This time she lives on as an immersive binaural audio recording. Its recorded in multiple places and spaces – some quite big and some quite small – around town.
It goes live officially through the OFFTA festival this afternoon from 3 to 5 pm EST.

Festival passes here (there’s a free option):

You can check out the whole project here if the OFFTA gateways are confusing:

Silver Venus’ world resists fixity. Like a teeming army of herring she continuously flip-flops and plops-out shimmery clumps of progenies. This time, she is expressing her sound. Listen for her cleavage. It cuts between the memory of an occasion spent together and an occasion that never materialized. She revisits the music and movements of her friends, laughing like clams with their non self-flagellating tongues. She wants to find a way to be in the same place again and to touch ear to ear. She is alone, but she is teeming.

Working from the choreographic score for the live ensemble piece Silver Venus (2018), Andrea Spaziani and Matt Smith will build the sonic environment and movements of a dance for headphones. Presented against a cinematic landscape of Silver Venus scenes by Alejandro Fargosonini.

Andrea Spaziani generates choreographic scores by combining movement, speaking and writing in a stream of improvisation. She is preoccupied by the question “why do I think the way that I do?” and works with bias as material in order to decompose its influence. She has been living between Toronto, New York City and Marfa (Texas).

Matt Smith is a Toronto-based musician/sound artist, sound designer, sound engineer, fabricator, composer and dramaturg. Matt makes sounds for theatre and dance and film, and music for concert halls, bars and clubs, and in many other contexts. Currently Smith is collaborating with Amanda Acorn on her new piece No Place, and Produced Lido Pimienta’s new record Miss Colombia.

Performed by Andrea Spaziani + Matt Smith Choir Nicole Rose Bond + Francesca Chudnoff + Alicia Grant + Megumi Kokuba + Julia Male + Devon Snell Choreographic score Andrea Spaziani Choreography Andrea Spaziani Sound design Matt Smith Photo Claire Harvie Cinema by Alejandro Michelangelo Fargosonini Dancers in video Nicole Rose Bond + Irvin Chow + Francesca Chudnoff + Alicia Grant + Julia Male + Claire Turner Reid

With the support of Canada Council for the Arts Coproduction and residencies Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto) Curated by Amelia Ehrhardt